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While not solely rooted in science or the scientific mind, the INTP personality type is more often someone who is better at setting emotion aside and critically thinking towards a solution (and committing wholeheartedly to it) while challenging and questioning the way things work and seeking to find solutions in creative and unique ways. Also known as the architect, the alchemist, the thinker, and the logician, the INTP Myers-Briggs® personality type is someone who thinks outside the box while at the same time questioning the world around them.

These logical thinkers seek to understand and solve problems without being ruled by emotion or authority and with the intention of knowledge. Whether utilized for a scientific invention or a creative way to defeat a villain who is stronger, here are 10 Marvel heroes who fit the INTP personality type.

10 Bruce Banner/Hulk

While the Hulk himself may not fit the INTP personality, Bruce Banner certainly does. An introverted and socially withdrawn scientist whose exposure to gamma rays led him to become the Hulk, Bruce Banner often buries his own emotion and a literal emotional side of himself in order to think through problems and pursue his ultimate goal of getting rid of the Hulk to just be Bruce Banner again.

Beyond The Avengers, Bruce Banner represents the INTP personality and the Thinker as he’s a world-renowned scientist whose intelligence matches if not surpasses Tony Stark’s – one of the few people he actually manages to share a connection with.

9 Hank McCoy/Beast

The resident scientific genius of the X-men, Hank McCoy wasn’t always blue and furry. In the comics, he worked for the Brand Corporation for a time, and, as he was researching ways to limit his mutation and give others mutations for a temporary period of time, he injected himself and it had an adverse side effect.

In the X-men films, particularly X-Men: First Class, a similar storyline occurs, however, he’s experimenting with a serum to cure his mutation and it changes him. In both adaptations, he’s a prominent and founding member of the X-men who becomes a teacher at Xavier’s Institute. While he’s been the savior of mutant-kind, curing the Legacy Virus, Hank finds himself socially withdrawn, but still works to bring about a better world for mutant-kind.

8 Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

The leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards is a notable scientist who invented the very spacecraft that the Fantastic Four would take on the fateful journey that gave them their powers. Though he can stretch himself into any shape he wants, the team relies more on his mental abilities than his physical.

Though he constantly tries and fails, to turn Ben Grimm back into his human form, Reed Richards is still officially one of the smartest men in the Marvel Universe. In order to maintain his human shape, Reed has to hold a constant level of concentration, something that has developed more and moreover the years, thus giving him more control over his powers.

7 Hank Pym/Ant-Man

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A scientist who is unafraid to think outside the box, Hank Pym represents the INTP personality type, though with a bit more of a temper. In the comics, Hank not only helped to create Ultron but was a founding member of The Avengers. In the MCU, Hank is an ousted scientist and the former Ant-Man, who is unafraid to follow his own pursuits, and not follow the crowd, he can come across as argumentative and stand-offish, something that is explored widely in the comics.

Hank Pym is a largely logical thinker whose often in conflict with other characters around him, usually due to his own efforts and always in pursuit of his goals.

6 Fantomex

A member of the Uncanny X-Force, Fantomex is an experiment of the Weapon Plus program that was created to be a super-sentinel against mutants.

Fantomex falls into the logician category as when faced with a difficult choice regarding a reincarnation of Apocalypse, that led to further strife, he did what he perceived as the most logical and made the choice the other team member’s couldn’t or wouldn’t. And afterward, ran an experiment just to see and learn if raising a version of Apocalypse to be good, would change the outcome.

5 Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Before he’s bitten by the spider, and even after, Peter Parker is a socially awkward kid who’s also a scientific genius. Creating his own suits from the beginning and inventing the iconic web-shooters – his prowess in the sciences and his creative thinking is what allows him to defeat villains that are bigger and stronger than him.

In the MCU, Peter matches Tony Stark in intelligence and becomes a surrogate son to him, though without the extroverted personality. He questions the authority of those around him, despite the problems it leads to, and most often relies on his mind rather than his sheer strength to solve all problems in his life – except for when he’s trying to interact with MJ – the introverted personality really shines there.

4 Shuri

A genius inventor who is always seeking to improve upon any and all technological advancements, Shuri, is the reason the Black Panther suit is always getting better and frankly, cooler. She’s also the reason Bucky Barnes is saved from the Winter Solider programming among other achievements.

A critical thinker who, if she hadn’t been interrupted in Infinity War, would have freed Vision from the mind stone, she’s the smartest person in the room, and she knows it, and she challenges the others around her, including Bruce Banner. She even became Black Panther for a time in the comics.

3 Jane Foster

In the MCU, Jane Foster is an astrophysicist in pursuit of studying the existence of other realms. Through her efforts often lead her into dangerous situations, she constantly seeks to understand the world around her through scientific research and discovery.

While in the comics, she eventually became Thor (something that is going to be explored in Thor: Love and Thunder) her MCU personality is that of a scientist who does not believe in magic and has trouble believing Thor is well, Thor. It’s only after she is confronted with evidence and witnesses him using his powers that she believes.

2 Emma Frost

Though she was first introduced as a villain, Emma Frost later grew into a redeemed hero and became a member and later, leader of the X-Men. With a high intellect and multiple degrees from Marvel’s fictional Empire State University, she was the founder and CEO of Frost Enterprises, a company that specialized in aerospace engineering and new technology, and that rivaled Stark Enterprises.

Classified as an Omega-Level telepath, Emma Frost is capable of immense telepathic power and later developed diamond shell armor. She’s even been shown to activate or enhance a mutant’s abilities using her telepathic prowess.

1 Uatu/The Watcher

The Watchers, advanced beings in the universe, are seekers of knowledge and were once devoted to sharing it with all life across the cosmos. But, after a tragedy, they vowed only to watch and never interact again, only serving to observe the events of their assignment.

Devoted to watching Earth, and breaking the pact of non-interference, Uatu has aided the Fantastic Four among others in the Marvel Universe. With great cosmic power, and the ability to travel across universes (including alternate realities), he rivals Galactus, but uses said powers for observation and interferes for the greater good.

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