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Marvel is known as the home of legendary characters (both hero and villain alike), and its characters have had some memorable moments in the comics. There have also been some remarkably vicious fights that have taken place in the world of Marvel, and if you ever wanted them compiled into one place, today’s your day.

Many of Marvel’s classic issues, arcs and events have been pored over, and here is the end result of that work. What are the most vicious Marvel fights? Who won these fights and was it worth it? Whether it’s a villain vs. villain fight or one where a villain sweeps the floor with a famous Marvel hero, keep reading because you’re about to find out!

10  Kingpin vs. Red Skull

Kingpin v Red Skull

In Captain America #378, Captain America is fighting Crossbones without his super-soldier serum, while Kingpin and Red Skull decide to settle a dispute by getting physical. There is a new designer drug on the market called « Ice » and Captain America is investigating its existence. As it turns out, Ice’s presence accidentally led to Red Skull and Kingpin clashing.

The problem is that Kingpin’s Ice-manufacturers operate in territory that Red Skull recently moved into. They face off with some insults, with Kingpin claiming his drug ring makes America stronger in a twisted way before Red Skull insists that he deserves a cut of Kingpin’s action. They decide to negotiate with their fists instead, with the loser leaving the business completely. They strip down to their underwear and go at it, with Kingpin winning using his signature bear hug.

9 Thanos vs. Ronan The Accuser

Thanos vs. Ronan The Accuser in Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

Thanos: The Infinity Revelation offers an introspective Thanos, reflecting about how he’s lived in the United States and come close to actually losing his life countless times.  As this takes place, he is living in some middle ground between death and the USA, pondering life and his actions. Thanos is full of confusion, but that doesn’t stop him from tormenting other beings and following his interests. So, when Thanos finds an ancient Badoon relic, he takes it from the Badoon’s possession quickly.

While trying to figure out what the relic is, he finds The Accuser and his comrades ready to fight. He ruthlessly tells his opponents to beg for mercy he would never give and jeers at The Accuser for coming up behind him with a failed sneak attack. He puts The Accuser down almost immediately, telling him that beating such an undeserving foe is « almost orgasmic » and humiliates him in the process.

8 Doctor Doom & Doctor Strange vs. Mephisto

Dr. Doom fights Mephisto for his mother's soul

Doctor Doom goes after Mephisto to save the soul of his mother (Cynthia Von Doom) from him. Previously,  she arranged a deal with Mephisto to be able to safeguard the people in her village but in the process, she kills all the children in her village. She consequently gets stabbed and dies but because she originally bargained that her soul would go to Mephisto to be tormented, Doom would try (and fail) multiple times to save his mother’s soul.

But then, Doom gets the help of Dr. Strange, and they’re able to reach Mephisto and fight him on his plane. Doom tries to offer up Dr. Strange’s soul in exchange for his mother, his mother says no to that, and Dr. Strange uses the device Doom gave him to release himself. They continue to fight Mephisto, who accidentally lets Cynthia’s soul go and she gets her escape. With his goal finally accomplished, Doom saw no need to prolong the fight and left.

7 Itsy Bitsy vs. Spider-Man & Deadpool

Itsy Bitsy Fight

In Spider-Man/Deadpool Issue #9-10, Spider-Man and Deadpool were pitted together by Patient Zero, with Deadpool being hired to kill Peter Parker, which he did without knowing that Parker is Spider-Man. He finds out that it was a ploy and brings Parker back from the dead, and then Spider-Man and Deadpool throw a wrench in Patient Zero’s plans. Thing is, Patient Zero still has Itsy Bitsy on standby.

Long story short, Itsy Bitsy has the most lethal qualities of Spider-Man and Deadpool combined. As expected, she gave Spider-Man and Deadpool a serious run for their money, slicing off Deadpool’s ear and leaving their costumes in shreds. She actually wants to work with them, but she has a funny way of showing it!

6 Apocalypse vs. Rictor

In Gambit & the X-Ternals #4, Apocalypse kills Rictor but only because his focus is terribly off. Gambit had all of Rictor’s attention, effectively distracting him from capturing Magneto’s son (a child with the power to change the universe) who Apocalypse was after.

What’s interesting about this story is that as Rictor is being punished and interrogated by Apocalypse, flashbacks recall events that have recently taken place. Walking through these flashbacks, Apocalypse enumerates the reasons why he’s going to kill Rictor, and then he does just that. Thankfully, Apocalypse squishing Rictor’s head is done off-panel.

5 Magneto vs. Apocalypse

Magneto Splits Apocalypse in two

In Age of ApocalypseMagneto splits Apocalypse in two. What is shocking and amazing about this is that Apocalypse was believed to be one of the most powerful mutants ever born. In the storyline, Apocalypse taunts Magneto, telling him to fight him.  Magneto says he’s busy concentrating, but Apocalypse keeps egging him.

Finally, Magneto finally agrees to the fight and splits Apocalypse in two. Yes, Apocalypse came back eventually as is tradition at this point for literally any supervillain, but it was still an incredible show of Magneto’s strength and ability.

4 Dark Phoenix vs. Xavier

Dark Phoenix vs Xavier

In The Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix challenges Professor X, saying she is all that is, was, and ever will be, and that she is power made physical. Professor X says she is power without restraint and age without maturity. But because he must fight her, he will do what he can to defeat her — despite Dark Phoenix being a god at this point.

They fight mentally and physically and in the end, Professor X says he would have lost the fight but he felt Jean (inside the Dark Phoenix) trying to fight off the evil she had become. It was a vicious fight in every sense of the word.

3 Daken vs. The Punisher

Daken vs. Punisher Dark Reign: The List—Punisher #1

In Dark Reign: The List—Punisher #1, The Punisher tries to take on Daken, the son of Wolverine. Daken is a seriously lethal assassin, with a history of destroying anyone he is up against. After he tries to kill Norman Osborn, a dispute brews between Punisher and Daken.

Daken shows no mercy, stabbing and shooting Punisher in the stomach. Punisher follows in kind by biting off Daken’s lip and blowing him up. The fight drags on for a long time, in the rain with blood pouring, and Daken finishes the fight by taking off Punisher’ head with his claws. Talk about vicious!

2 Lady Deathstrike vs. Wolverine

Lady Deathstrike Slices Wolverine in Uncanny X-Force

In Uncanny X-Force 5.1, Lady Deathstrike pulls off what is nearly the worst vicious attacks ever seen. While Lady Deathstrike is preparing her Reavers for a fight against Wolverine, the X-Force arrives and they are ambushed by a bomb.

Fantomex, Deadpool, and Wolverine are all are knocked out by the bombing and Lady Deathstrike waits for Wolverine to wake up. Once he does, she begins to hack at him, removing his sense of smell, his ability to see, and his throat. Before she could actually kill Logan, she’s doused in kerosene and Wolverine starts a taser that sets her on fire and her body dies.

1 Thanos vs. Gamora

Before she became the hero she’s known for being today, Gamora was adopted at a young age and raised by Thanos to be a dangerous assassin. Later in life, she’d become one of the deadliest assassins in the entire Marvel Universe.

However, when Gamora joined ranks with Thanos’ enemy (Adam Warlock, in this case) by telling him her surrogate father’s plans, Thanos nearly kills her. It is hard to imagine anything more vicious then seriously maiming the woman you adopted and raised as your daughter.

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